Super Smile Club

Did you know that the American and Canadian Association of Orthodontics recommends every 7 year old be seen by an orthodontist? We know 7 years seems a little young for orthodontic treatment – and most of the time you would be correct! But by being seen at this age, Dr. Shojaei can evaluate and identify growth issues to prevent further orthodontic issues from developing. And of course, like anything we do at Aurora Orthodontics, we have a little fun along the way!

That’s why we’ve created the Super Smile Kids Club!

What is the First Step To Join the Super Smile Kids Club?

To enroll your child into the Super Smile Kids Club, simply contact our office at or by phone 905-727-8783 to schedule an in-office appointment. If you would like a virtual consultation for your child, please submit photographs of your child’s teeth by clicking here.

Whichever way you choose to contact us, you will be able to connect to Dr. Shojaei himself.

During your in-office or virtual appointment, Dr. Shojaei will review your child’s oral health condition, teeth position, recommendations or next steps. If your child is ready for orthodontic treatment, an in-office visit will be necessary.

If your child is not ready for orthodontic treatment, he/she will be placed in our Kids Club recall program. Our staff will contact you one year from your last visit and request you come in for a review appointment or schedule a virtual consultation.

At the initial visit, your child will receive:
  • kids club welcome packet which includes details of club membership including useful tools on how to detect dental problems as they grow; pediatric dental hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrush, etc)
  • an office lanyard where your child can collect a button for each year they attend a monitoring appointment
  • and you can’t forget a few fun items to make them smile!

Age Appropriate Treatment

Dr. Shojaei still believes in a conservative approach to treatment and maintains his Age Appropriate Treatment philosophy that most patients’ orthodontic care can be completed in one stage at adolescence. Joining the club allows Dr.
Shojaei and his team to begin monitoring your child’s development on a complimentary basis to you.

Dr. Shojaei always bases his treatment on the simple but important philosophy of what is best for the child? That is what he wants for his three children and that is his practice philosophy. He is one doctor, one office, treating and caring for one patient at a time.

What Does It Cost To Join The Super Smile Kids Club?

The best part of the Kids Club is it is completely FREE! There is no cost to be a member of the club. Appointments for monitoring development are free as well. Costs are only incurred when, and if, you begin orthodontic treatment in our office. There are no contracts to sign and no obligation for treatment once your child has joined the club.

We offer IN-OFFICE and VIRTUAL consultations for all Super Smile patients. Schedule your consultation with us to discuss the age-appropriate treatment options for your child.

For How Long Is My Child Able To Take Part In The Super Smile Club?

The child is able to stay in the Super Smile Kids Club until he/she is age appropriate for orthodontic treatment or until Dr. Shojaei deems that the child is not in need of any orthodontic treatment at all. And this is OK. Not every child requires orthodontic intervention. You never really know but you certainly should keep track of any issues early on and monitor them.

Remember that even if no orthodontic treatment is necessary, regular check-ups and hygiene appointments by your own family dentist will always be required to maintain a healthy smile and oral hygiene.

What Should Parents Watch Out For?

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